Sound Frontier & Sapphire Monet Give A Breath of Fresh Air with 'Cat Callin'!

PRESS RELEASE: Washington, D.C./New York City
Nicole Kali (8/11/23)

#BRU proudly presents Sound Frontier and Sapphire Monet, the Brooklyn "Queen of Funk-Rock", on a shinin' new single: 'Cat Callin'. It just dropped today!

Congratulations to this hard-working group of Black rock musicians and we'll dive into the fiery collaboration right now!So who is Sound Frontier? They traverse genres and time as a New York City-wide trio: Ali Bishop (guitar/vocalist), Eriq "Q" Robinson (bassist) and percussionist Nkosi Wyands. Sapphire Monet is an outstanding songstress who made her own band with an eclectic, funky style.

Gritty, reminiscent guitar riffs set the scene for some solid groove. Then Sapphire's voice weaves through layered drum pockets and bass, seriously crisp production and deep sound. Remember when albums and artists felt like they filled a room? Welcome back! This is only the first 20 seconds. Sound Frontier and Sapphire Monet definitely do their well-honed thing here.

A lovely and sultry voice, melodic synchronicity, driving rhythms and a Hendrixian touch are enjoyable for the ears. "The cat's callin'!" Sapphire sings out confidently. You'll be dancing by 1:00. There's almost an underlying edge, unseen resistance over such rounded rhythms and smooth singing. The energy works well in 'Cat Callin'.

It's so refreshing to hear intersecting blues, hard rock and old-school jams like this today. Of course we expected nothing less. New York City has another banger, available here! 'Cat Callin' is out on Spotify NOW!



Legends never die, they are reborn. Capable of transporting audiences back in time, Sound Frontier blends musicianship, creativity, and tradition, with the likes of The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Gary Clark Jr., and Eric Gales.

They have performed at the CMJ Music Marathon, Make Music New York Festival, The Bitter End, The Bowery Poetry Club, SOB's, The Shrine in Harlem and more! 'That's Me' accrued over 140,000 views online.

Sound Frontier is like a body of water - mingling currents, constant flow, brought together in an influential and inspirational way. This eclectic Blues and Rock trio consists of Ali Bishop on Guitar/Vocals, Eriq “Q” Robinson on Bass, and Nkosi Wyands on Drums.

"Sound Frontier lives up to their name because that sound quality is rich! Accompanied by Sapphire Monet's beautifully raw voice, this song will leave you intoxicated." — Kim Gill, #BRU Media


Sapphire Monet, "The Queen of FunkRock", is a sassy, outspoken singer who was born and raised in the Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn area of New York. Miss Monet comes from a family that is filled with musicians, singers and writers. Music has always been part of her life. She is  the originator of the New Age "FunkRock" sound.

She began writing at 13, and at that time that's all Sapphire did. Connecting that with her music, the budding star discovered freedom and liberty within self-expression. Sapphire Monet has been blessed with the opportunity to travel around the world and performed at several notable venues, including the historic Carnegie Hall for the McDonald's Gospel Fest.

Sapphire's passion for live music blossomed. She put her band together and began to define her destiny. Her journey has just begun...



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