by Nicole Kali (4/09/2021)

40 Black Rock-Hers Who Are Shaking It Up!

This list is dedicated to 40 rock-hers who are shaking things up worldwide across genres! Page one uplifts artists such as Abra, Meredith Bell (Palaceburn), Honeychild Coleman, Flora Lucini.

Page two highlights Audrey Ebrotié (IANWILL), GuitarGabby, Lesibu Grand+.

Page three: Madame St. Beatrice, Hanna Paulino, Pleasure Venom and more. We'll surprise you on this final round.


Tetrarch co-founder/guitarist Diamond Rowe, Atlanta native AND true rock star. Diamond formed the successful metalcore crew with their close friend Josh Fore: frontman, guitarist for 18 years! (#BRUTalk)

Diamond Rowe gravitated to heavier metal, and decided to pursue music in middle school. Kim Gill asked a very relevant question of Diamond during their Black August #BRUTalk. How did Tetrarch begin?

"Kirk Hammond, James Hetfield and Dimebag, Slash, you couldn't tell me it wasn't possible! I really wanted to jam, I asked my friend Tyler, 'Can I jam with you guys?'

And he's like 'Ah, Josh just doesn't really want a girl in the band. But you know, he convinced him and I went over there.

We played like, some old-time rock and roll and stuff that were three chords...'Okay, I think it's all right'...Meeting him [Josh] when we were 11 or 12 and developing that really strong friendship before even Tetrarch became Tetrarch.

It really helped us, and developing our love of music...honing that talent together and getting two others (Ryan Lerner, Ruben Limas) who were just as devoted! The band consisted of people on the exact same page."

Tetrarch all moved to Los Angeles in 2015 for an easier foray to metal music.

"We just felt like it was time for a change and to fully immerse ourselves in what we were doing. The convenience of living in L.A. is great for what we do." Now the world headbangs along.

Freak stayed in steady rotation, and was undeniably kick-ass. "With Freak, they were straight metalcore EP's. They had some thrash in there.

Freak, we started trying to add in different influences...we were kind of nervous about it at the time, but saw that it was received really well!"

Diamond Rowe has worked so hard to earn their current recognition. She's the first African-American woman to be featured in Premier Guitar AND Revolver Magazines as of 2017.

Diamond has Eddie Van Halen (RIP),EMG Pickups, Ernie Ball and ESP endorsements as well. ESP's are currently her favorite.

"On stage, I use my ESP's. I use the EC-1000 CTM for our drop C songs and my EC-1000 EverTunes for drop A and Drop B!" That's for the guitar gear-heads like her who wonder how she does it! (Guitar Girl Mag)

Tetrarch is on Napalm Records, an acclaimed metal label who work dedicatedly at bringing their best. Their Napalm label-mates are Alter Bridge, Civil War, Jinjer, Otep, Skindred, Unleash the Archers.

"We want to be a worldly band and they're based in Austria...we can tackle America and tour the entire world. We wanted a label that was just as excited to have us as we were to have them."

And y'all, the long-awaited album Unstable is OUT NOW! You can hear 'I'm Not Right', 'Negative Noise' and 'You Never Listen'!

"There's a little bit of everything on this record [Unstable]. We have some of the heaviest stuff we've ever done on this record! We have some really creepy stuff...our influences and ourselves mixed to form what Tetrarch is today. And we're really proud of it." (#BRUTalk) Diamond, so are we.

"I can just remember times I was laying in my room with my headphones on, listening to I'm getting offstage and Shaun [Morgan] is telling me 'Man, you need to teach me how to shred!" Talk about rock-her power.

Don't miss their four-page spread in Metal Hammer!


Shingai Shoniwa. How do we do her justice? Shingai translates to 'bold' and 'courageous'. The Zimbabwean-English songwriter evokes her name. She has reigned past 20 years now! The Noisettes, Sonarfly, now Shingai the sensation.

Shingai originally was lead vocalist for Sonarfly: an indie-soul rock band and hidden diamond who played at the alternative haven, Buffalo Bar (gone too soon) and other great London venues!

Guitarist Dan Smith also had been in Sonarfly. They wanted to continue a musical act. Bassist Shingai grooved and sang like no tomorrow. The duo brought drummer Jamie Morrison (Willis) to create The Noisettes, a rowdy rock band on a roll from 2003-2010!

Our introduction was Shingai's song 'Sister Rosetta (Capture the Spirit)' with The Noisettes! What's The Time Mr. Wolf? debuted in 2007, and audiences around the world could hear this London legend now. Singles 'Don't Give Up', 'Sister Rosetta', 'Scratch Your Name' were classics.

Didn't this seem like a revival? We are so with it!

"Scratch your name onto the fabric of the world" sounded like a promise, and she kept every word. Shingai Shoniwa's rock-her energy is unbelievable! 2009's Wild Young Hearts was worth the wait.

'Don't Upset the Rhythm' became a number two single in the United Kingdom (and dance club hit)!

The Noisettes saw similar success with "Never Forget You", which were heard on The Wendy Williams Show, One Tree Hill and many MySpace profiles. They really maximized the beginning digital age.

The last Noisettes album Contact (2012) presented enjoyable mixtures of their trademark garage sound, jazz and "rhythms that are all sorts of funky"!

Ancient Futures is Shingai's debut EP, her Afrofuturist pop and infinite vibe in 2019. She paired the concept album with a beautiful featurette here. Its first track 'Zimtron' honors her Zimbabwe home and assures us: Africa IS the future.

"Dandaran didanda (gure gure, yeah!)/Dandaran didanda (We lead the way, yeah!)" We roll.

"I'm too wild for this world ever since I was a girl," she sang in her titular track for 2021's debut genre-less album, Too Bold. "Just can't be still, say this is not for me!" The Diamond Remix features Celisse, Nova Twins, Tawiah! We weren't ready! 'Too Bold''s video cameos include Big Joanie too!

Shingai covers another Black rock star from England, Joan Armatrading here!

"Too Bold for me is kind of a bit of a call to bring people together at a time where there's a lot of challenges. And people are often told they're too this, they're too large, they're too dark...

And I often had that when I was growing up. 'You're independent, there's a pandemic'...I want to put out a record now, I want to raise the vibrations in the best way that I can!" (BBC)

Shingai, you are so loved and supported on this diasporic path!


Simi Stone (Simantha Sernaker) is an awe-inspiring rock-her from Woodstock, New York...which arguably is counterculture capital.

Simi Stone engages folk, jazz, rock and more in her fresh sound. Both parents noticed Simi's affinity for the arts so she was enrolled in ballet as a girl.

She took up violin at seven years old, and attended the New York Conservatory for the Arts for more artistic education! Simi Stone participated in an improvisational comedy troupe and a youth orchestra during high school.

Marymount College accepted her as a theater student so she immediately moved back to Manhattan for college.

Simi Stone became a force all her own in every way! She joined The Slithy Toves, coordinated shows across the city. Her performance art foundation mixed well with the dance/nightclub scene there.

"My songs tend to reflect the conditions of being alive. The feelings come first, then the words...Ultimately, I want to make people feel joyful from the music. Healed by the music." (x)

She often played solo to large crowds who wanted to see her exciting shows. Simi Stone would meet Honeychild Coleman, Militia Vox and co. along the way. (Bio)

Simi Stone's former band Suffrajett arose in 2002. Their anthems 'NY' and 'C'Mon' captured a great, gritty era of indie rock music on their debut, self-titled album. Suffrajett toured nationally!

The journey began in New York City: Lower East Side, Brooklyn, Harlem, Manhattan's Summer Stages (one with Joan Jett). It wasn't long till Suffrajett reached the West Coast and briefly settled in Chicago.

Simi Stone is former composer for The Duke & The King and current rock-her violinist in The Pornographers. She's an esteemed painist, painter whose pieces were featured at Ardnaglass Gallery! We love her artist statement about point A to point B.

"In the beginning, the need to draw these figures was compulsive. There was no thinking really. It just happened, the obsession to do it was powerful. Looking back now, I can have an opinion about the process..." (Simi Stone's Visual Art)

Simi Stone released a masterpiece self-titled album which was sonic delight! 'Seasons of Change', 'That's Just The Way It Is' and 'Pyramid' are evergreen. Extended Play followed Simi Stone and included soulful covers from Lionel Richie and Bill Withers.

Her rich voice is heard alongside Natalie Merchant's 2014 album (Natalie Merchant). Simi Stone was magnificent backing vocalist on David Byrne (Talking Heads)'s international 2018 tour. And you may not know but Simi #didthat on The 1865's Don't Tread On We! too!

Recently, they collaborated with The 1865 for their live Woodstock Sessions (Applehead Recording). They captured lightning in a bottle!

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"The right to play Punk Rock with @the1865band is privilege to me yo!!! Love to you my friends." (Facebook)

Maya G./"Mother Goddess"/Storm"  slays! Maya Glick was born in STL, Missouri but moved to Dallas, Texas when very young. She was mesmerized by rock-hers Joan Jett and Diana Ross! They majorly inspired this Sista Grrrl to rock louder.

Maya went to Booker T. Washington Performing Arts High School as a teenager.

"I got the tablature book for the I Love Rock & Roll album and taught myself power chords. I would study Joan’s hands in videos, play along with the radio, stuff like that.

Music like Bo Diddley, Joan Jett, the Ramones & Chuck Berry were where I got my guitar sound from."

Her first band began in 1990, What She Said after graduation and Maya became comfortable with playing rhythm guitar, singing for a rock outfit.

"I played rhythm guitar and sang, fronting 3 Rockabilly guys…playing songs I wrote as a kid. Then I randomly ended up playing guitar in an all-female Hard Rock cover band in Akron, Ohio for like 4 months in ’92." (The Culture Rock Griot)

Maya came to New York City and joined several bands there before famously leading the hard punk rock band Mother Goddess. She additionally was an Anarchist of Color with Militia Vox, and 1/4 of Sista Grrrls as you can see!

Maya was quite simply "the garage rocker with the glitter guitar and filthy mouth". And if anyone's going to cover Patti Smith song "Rock & Roll Nigger" or Dead Boys, it's this Mother Goddess.

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Maya also represents an important intersection of Blackness, geek culture, rock and healing through art too. You have to see Rain, her fan-made X-Men (Storm) film.

She really pushes the bar on this awesome tale around punk Ororo Munroe, the Kenyan-American mutant and her reconstructed identity. Rain is directed by Zane Rutledge and Jeff Stolhand.

"...the only "Superhero" who ever meant anything to me, and motivated by the need to create something big I've written a short film.

The journey of the character in the story parallels parts of my own journey: from hopelessness and powerlessness to anger to renewal," Maya divulged!

Maya G.'s a wonderful person, a rock-her who has been integral to the scene's development and thriving alternative spaces long after Mother Goddess.

"I know who I am, and now so do you!"


Vanguard BKNY Tamar-kali Brown is a boundary-defying rock star. She comes from Gullah Geechee roots in South Carolina and "marries the classical music of her Catholic upbringing with post-punk sensibilities".

Gullah people are descended from the Bambara, Fula, Mandinke (Oumou Sangare, Fatoumata Diawara from Mali). Music lives in Tamar-kali's blood. Catholic upbringing and a musical family gifted choral training, classical music to the Brooklyn rock-her.

She has been a Funkface, Sista Grrrl Riot and Song of Seven member. She shook the tables with a massive EP, Geechee Goddess Hardcore Warrior Soul. That was 2002.

James Spooner's seminal film Afro-Punk featured Tamar-kali and her determined rock by 2003 AND the fiery single 'Boot'. Her intense performance photo is Afro-Punk's DVD cover. Tamar-kali would return with Black Bottom, 2010.

'Pearl' set the compelling, masterful tone: its remixes included rapper Jean Grae and a Psychochamber Ensemble version (her string sextet)! Add composing scores since 1997 to her resume (YouTube).

Director-writer Dee Rees' Pariah is a 2011 Sundance Award-winning (semi) biopic about Black identity, the power of LGBTQ pride and young companionship between girls. The main character Alike lives in Brooklyn and feels like she needs to be more honest about her new friend.

Tamar-kali's songs 'Pearl' and 'Fire with Fire' (film-exclusive) are on Pariah's official soundtrack; she actually performs her well-known singles in the storyline as a watershed moment.

Dee Rees and she teamed up once more for Netflix's 2017 film adaptation of Mudbound about post-WWII Jim Crow Mississippi. Tamar-kali actually scored Mudbound in a month! (Epicliff Media)

Tamar-kali won the Discovery of the Year Award! She also scored Rees' film for the third time: a suspenseful thriller, The Last Thing He Wanted. Her compositions were in four consecutive films during 2019! Whoa!

Honeychild Coleman, Tamar-kali, Simi Stone and Maya "Mother Goddess" formed the Sista Grrrl Riot in '90's New York. They refused to be invisibilized anymore. Respect to Tamar-kali!


Jackie Venson comes from Austin, TX and is an internationally renowned guitarist in the blues/R&B vein.

"My dad's a bass player and profesional musician in Austin...he was completely how I learned how to cut my teeth here. My earliest memories are Town Lakes and music always being around me. Rodney, my drummer, was the drummer of my dad's band in the 80's and 90's.

My major was composition and studio production [at Berklee College]. It taught me a lot of arranging skills that I still use!"

She learned piano at eight years old and wanted to expand her musical repertoire. "I played classical piano for the first decade or so of my musical career, and then I decided that I wanted to do something a little freer." (Guitar Girl Mag)

"...The guitar came into the picture when I was a cornered college grad. I didn't figure out how to feel like a frontman on the piano...I hosted karaoke for three years while learning the guitar! If they're not singing, the host has to sing." (Austin City Limits TV)

Jackie Venson shook up the music industry period on her arrival in 2016, Jackie Venson Live!

Vintage Machine felt so refreshing and new, her October 2020 album with bangers like the so-named track here.

"I want to get lost in this vintage machine, lost in a dream...feeling so free even though I don't deserve it!" Jackie Venson knows how to compose like nobody else, let us say it now. We'll never get some songs out of our head and 'Vintage Machine's one.

Fine with us!

We got our life to Joy (released two years ago today) prior: a beautiful 20-song CD like the future holding hands with the Black past. These are Jackie's powerful studio albums, full of bubbly soul and those nostalgic solos, alternative rock moods she has mastered.

"Honest to God, I truly believe that a lot of a person's music taste comes from the formative years, like the years before age five...I think that was a huge impact on me.

Before I was even thinking about playing instruments, I was listening to Hans Zimmer and Elton John teaming up. My biggest influence is Disney." (Austin City Limits TV)

Watch Jackie's remarkable performance last year.

"I took every piece of every part of all my songs, and I recorded them individually into this [loop] machine..."


"I choose Joy. I am able to make this choice because of my family and my friends who give me limitless love and undying support. They fight side by side with me, they grow with me, they are my army." (x)

Jackie Venson has achieved much in a millennial lifespan. She won "Best Guitarist" at the Austin Music Awards and performed for the Rock and Hall of Fame's Sound of Black History program!

"Until it [brutality] stops, people like me are going to keep talking and people like me are going to keep demanding that it changes." (Rock & Roll Hall of Fame)


Adia Victoria is a no-nonsense modern griot from Spartanburg, South Carolina in the legacy of Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Elizabeth Cotton and Peggy Jones!

"Adia Victoria does not sing Americana, Adia Victoria sings the blues"! (Red Light Management) She knows her rightful spot as rock-her innovator too.

Adia spans several arts as many creatives do: ballet, poetry, theater. She was a devout Seventh Day Adventist with her family in the Deep South. Adia was awakened by Black women's narratives and political power.

Some of her favorite artists are the "Rock 'n Roll Godmother", Billie Holiday and John Lee Hooker. She left education to make her path elsewhere. New York City, Atlanta, France were her stomping grounds for some years. Adia Victoria received a guitar from her friend at 21.

All roads converged to blues which called her home. Adia relocated to Nashville for consistent gigging and a vibrant place to write songs. Adia Victoria's first album Beyond the Bloodhounds belongs in history books.

You experience gut-wrenching Gothic blues, grungy folk glory and rock-her echoes of African ancestors who are "Stuck in the South". The title itself derives from Harriet Jacobs' self-penned autobiography, Incidents of a Slave Girl (page 36).

"Yeah, I've been thinkin' about makin' tracks, but the only road I know is going to lead me back. I'm stuck in the South...stuck in the South."

She also gorgeously re-worked French pop jams on 2017's How It Feels EP such as 'Laissez tomber les filles' and titular 'You Know How It Feels'. Baby Blues was a genius compilation of blues covers.

Silences (2019), her second full-length phenomenon, transcribes Adia Victoria's rage and forced haplessness against increasingly oppressive systems. Aaron Dessner (The National) was co-producer! She toured for half a year, opened for Calexico, Iron & Wine, The National on her European tour.

Adia channeled the Southern gothic again at AfroPunk. Then the songstress returned to the States. Adia Victoria would win the Songwriters' Hall of Fame Holly Prize that same summer.

She vocalized what so many Southerners felt as the pandemic and social injustice polarized our hometowns in 2020.

"The burden of “Why?” bears down upon us all. But I also believe this year has given us the ability to examine our lives, the systems we swim through, our relationships with one another." (Nashville Scene)

"South Gotta Change" is an open letter to Adia Victoria's beloved region: change your future. Pass the baton for upcoming generations.

"If you're tired of walking, let the children lead the way...come what may, we're gonna find a way! South gotta change!" Just like that, people remembered how revolutionary blues has always been. Where is she now?

Adia lives in Nashville, Tennessee: "Music City", a landmark on the Blues Trail or Highway 61. The route winds through Clarksburg, MS (Robert Johnson's infamous crossroads), Jackson, Memphis, Nashville and New Orleans (Mississippi Blues Trail).

She appeared on Adult Swim's live stream last June! Kelsey Walton, Adia Victoria and Kyshona Armstrong teamed up for a memorable Nina Simone protest song, 'Mississippi Goddam'. So good!

Adia Victoria's essay "Not In This Life—Death and Belonging in Southern Sacred Music" develops this bond further in Oxford American's 22nd Annual Southern Music Issue, Winter 2020.

"Everyday I wake up hoping to push and expand the boundaries of this land. That’s the work of the Southern artist." (x)


Militia Vox is the avant-dark rocker queen of heavy music. Militia started her musical career in classical piano and became an award-winning performer in elementary school.

She listened to David Bowie, King Crimson, The Damned as a youth.

Militia Vox formed a lasting name for herself in New York's grindcore and rock circuit. Underground rock-her royalty. Militia Vox's artistry is so powerful, unique. Her voice can elegantly range four octaves: a given progression from eclectic upbringing in the arts. And she plays bass too.

Did you ever hear Militia Vox's goth/industrial rock band, Swear On Your Life with Ed Strohsahl, Marc Reischer and Chip Thomas? The quartet were NYC pioneers who made EPIC music in the 90's through mid-2000's. Dig this live performance!

Militia rockin' at Pyramid Club, a NYC staple (1979-2021)

I discovered Militia Vox on Fuse's first reality show, Heavy Metal Makeover (wow, dating ourselves). Freshman year in high school, 2005, was when Militia assured me we were meant to be here just by doing her iconic thing. Rock is our arena and destiny.

Don Hill's, Spring St., a venue which brought all rockers together

"Steve Blush, him and this guy Bruce Edwards that played there...he was like 'Why don't we do this night of just girl singers? You know, make it something cool and different, and unique'...

I came along at like, the fourth or fifth Rock Candy Night. I heard about it through the grapevine. Back then, New York? There was so much stuff.

It was exciting, there was stuff going and community there! ...I had been looking for other women to hang out and perform with and hang out with. I was looking for a place where I could meet other Black women that were in metal!" (#BRUTalk)

"I sat in on a rehearsal...there was Simi Stone, there was Maya from Mother Goddess, who also went on to make the Storm fan film. There was Honeychild Coleman and Cid Scantlebury—and Felicia!

It was like 2001? ...I had actually just organized a group, an ensemble called Anarchists of Color and Anarchists of Color used to play around New York City! The shows were fuckin' crazy, phenomenal. (x)

We crushed songs by RATM, Mother’s Finest, Jimi Hendrix, Skunk Anansie, Lenny Kravitz, Tina Turner, etc..." (Facebook)

They opened doors for so many artists. Militia Vox now leads her own stellar self-named group, and Judas Priestess! Militia has toured with Living Colour, Nona Hendrix, members of Kittie, Doug Pinnick (King's X), Twisted Sister, you name them.

Militia Vox has captivated audiences of AIFF, AfroPunk, Black Women Rock!, Boudica Festival. She was a SXSW Mentor (“Future of Music"), and selected for the interactive VR Fivars International Stories Festival in 2021 (The Villainess, 2018)! #BRU LIVES for her soundtrack scoring, impeccable compositions. Have you heard them?

MILITIA VOX · NYCTOPHILIA [Instrumental] - urban gothic, goth, heavy, dark, brooding, Halloween, horror, creepy

Her accompanying Villainess short film / / / HALF won 'Best Music Video' and 'Award of Exceptional Merit in Alternative Media' at The Lady Filmmakers Festival 2020! / / / HALF is available via Film Festival Flix now.

"I have been entering film space and doing more with immersive experiences, VR video, digital and stuff like that because I find people there are more open-minded...when you get into the art world, people are like 'Oh, I just wanna see something unique', 'I just wanna see something cool'.

'I wanna see a different story'. So I appreciate and am kind of straddling those worlds right now for my own sanity." (Black Rock-Her Roundtable #1) Militia Vox is a rock-her like no other.

Militia Vox Innovates the Visual Album (The Villainess) In Immersive AR/VR/XR! (6-22)


The Sissala (Ghanaian) Wiyaala embodies our definition of a rock-her. She is from Northern Ghana, Funsi and fuses pop music to her regional folk.

You may call Wiyaala "The Lioness of Africa"! (Introducing Wiyaala) "Wiyaala in my own tribal language means I am “the doer”." (x)

Wiyaala drifted into our ears, 2014 and we knew this was only the beginning.

"I sing in Sissala, Wali, Dagari and English! I sing Sissala which is my father's language and Dagari which is also my mother's. I was born in a town called Wa.

English is the general language we use when it comes to education...I mix them, the words sometimes sound the same and the cultures are different.

I like to add my traditional life, everything to it because it's my identity." Indeed, Wiyaala was a coveted dancer, footballer AND singer in school.

Wiyaala's first album actually released before the 2010's, Tuma. Her next self-titled album produced the charting single 'Go Go Black Stars' about Wiyaala's favorite sport! This unofficially became the team's theme for FIFA 2014!

Wiyaala forever uplifts her fellow people, and progressive causes. She has done so since childhood! The Sissala Goddess has represented Ghana at the African Union, Morocco's Timitar Festival and more. She passionately advocates against FGM and patriarchal rule over girls.

"The help must start from yourself! The lioness goes out to hunt. Nothing is going to break me. I am going to let what's in me out!" (Sky News)

'She's A Woman' is "a song to celebrate Mothers around the world" she released on 2019. 'Wiisi' is an incredible interfaith call that her uncle had written.

"Video was produced and directed by myself in Funsi and features my sisters and the Funsi Girls and Boys club members."

Want to listen? Look no further! Wiyaala's world-changing music has been featured from our #BRU Roots Sessions to Ghanaian media, and international outlets.

We love her Samini duet! Did you know Wiyaala can direct, edit, play instruments, produce, sing AND style? This African rock-her is anything but average. Go, Wiyaala!

Black rockers united forever! 


Baltimore-based Mariah Fortune is a multi-media artist whose darkwave projects are released under Woven In: Profess, Razzmatazz, Hexed to Death! She is on Grimalkin Records (Backxwash's former label), the Richmond collective "comprised of artists from all over the world to raise money and support social justice."

Her initial EP "New City No Money" was synthwave, goth-tinged paradise. Highs and Ultra Lows is our Woven In introduction a year after its 2016 debut.

"Music has always been in my life: when I was in like, elementary school, when I was in middle school, I was doing somethin' with somethin'. Whether it be violin or in the choir, any of those things.

Taking keyboard classes. Just yeah, as long as I can remember really, just always doing something musical.

She has performed her music at D.C., Maryland, Toronto, Virginia Beach mainstays. Razzmatazz preceded the 2020 EP, Profess via Grimalkin Records on a clever USB-tape cassette. I love my copy.

Mariah Fortune moved to Baltimore and feels right at home there.

"I love Baltimore, it's very inspiring. It's just so close to everything! Baltimore reminds me of Philly when I was a kid, it's less fast-paced than Philly." (#BRUTalk) Keeping it retro-futuristic is Woven In's style.

"I'm on keyboards right now but honestly, been thinking about going back to guitar! And that hasn't been since 2016 that I actually, really focused on guitar-writing music. So I'm excited...

I think it's important to be versatile and for people to not get hooked onto one sound or one thing because there's so much out here." (#BRUTalk)

"I love that it's completely me. Everything that you hear is completely me. I mean, I sampled some things but all the instruments, I played and that hasn't been the case in every album before Profess. I'm completely satisfied with it."

Mariah also is Alt Bae Zine co-editor and Black CR Fund creator (#BRUTalk) Her new music is here so show love to Woven In! We sure do!

We hope you enjoyed this love-filled list of 40 rock-hers who are shaking it up now and till they're done. Nicole Kali is an Afrogoth artivist in the D.C. area.