Then a punk-jazz explosion blazed into the 1970's.

Bad Brains is a phenomenal D.C. hardcore band

who upended everything about conformist music.

Jazzy melodies and prominent horn sections

wove their way into punk.

Artists like H.R. (Bad Brains) started there.

Mind Power's heroes were

Mahavishnu Orchestra, etc., and

preceded Bad Brains as a jazz-funk group.

Bad Brains' future vocalist Ras Israel

Joseph met Ryan Bland (#BRUTalk!) at a

Prince concert years ago!

Ras shared a quintessential punk cassette, Rise.

Meetings like this are how Ryan discovered this

music, and he isn't the only one!

Punk is about synergy.

Paul "H.R." Hudson found powerful spirituality

and a creative outlet via music, plus Rastafarianism.


We couldn’t let the day slip without wishing H.R. a happy birthday and saying thank you for paving our way. ##BRU gives props to Bad Brains and him!

♬ Right Brigade - Live - Bad Brains

Former Dead Kennedys and Red Hot Chili Peppers

percussionist Darren Henley/D.H. Peligro

personifies his name: King of Afro Punk!


Punk in Africa describes punk as the

anti-apartheid soundtrack to Soweto,

South Africa's uprising,

Zimbabwe's freedom movement and more.

National Wake were killin' it in the motherland since 1975.

As punk is often a mixture of bandmates from

varying backgrounds, the dynamics could draw

further attention to social injustice—and

rockin' frontwomen like Marianne Elliott-Said.

A Sex Pistols show at a moody English pier

set her on a lifelong punk path.

I Am A Cliche is a fabulous autobiography

that is co-directed by Poly Styrene's daughter,

Celeste Bell! Watch the trailer.

She passed away in 2011 as a true hero

of her hardcore era: a jazz-punk frontwoman

like a whirlwind on stage, second home.

It made Poly anxious to perform.

Sometimes, punk's aggression and misogynoir

are too much to handle (The Guardian).

But she did it, and perhaps because

of that sense: a renaissance was coming.

Our time was beginning, and had to start

with musicians like Poly Styrene.

Remember her in our hearts and songs.

Fishbone's jazz-punk-R&B-ska fusion

is unbeatable now, then and forevermore.

☆ #BRU Spotlight ☆

How do you take a Curtis Mayfield track

and make it so punk rock?

Only Fishbone!

Flora Lucini is the Brazilian-East Coast bad-ass

bassist in The 1865 and Maafa, an

"Afro-progressive hardcore group that

spans 90's to 2020's punk, jazz

and Black Brazil.

She shared her initiation as a punk rocker

in D.C. too! (#BRUTalk)

"I definitely have a lot of friends and family

back home in D.C. that are Black and brown,

BIPOC or that we grew up together.

They're still in the scene to this today, predominantly

Black women, which I'm very blessed.

Black women got me into hardcore...

And it was great, I mean they took me to

some of my first hardcore shows"!

Honeychild Coleman had grown up

as a post-punk power chord grrrl, and

truly felt seen by another

Black rocker: Tamar-kali!

"I couldn't even visualize finding

another sister who played the kind

of music that I liked...or had her own band!

Like that was next-level fantasy...

she would come over, and we used to

watch The Box and used to watch all

these different videos from Underdog

No Doubt to Rage Against The Machine."

There is more punk love to appreciate.

"Creature will take some of the kids to different

cemeteries to visit the graves of James

Baldwin and Maya Angelou, or whoever

they wanna go  visit Max Roach, and talk about

why they're relevant to a bunch of Black

metalhead kids and punk rockers

today as musicians, as artists, as

Black people." (#BRUTalk)

"The Black Kids: Rewriting the Very White History of Punk"

beautifully portrays punk's multicultural patterns,

its bold timeline in modern music.

Death, Pure Hell, Ryan Bland

(Bushmon/Ache), Big Joanie,

Flora Lucini (Maafa/The 1865),

Honeychild Coleman, Sacha Jenkins

(The 1865), Crystal Axis,

The Muslims, Powerslide, Rebelmatic,

Winter Wolf are part of a global punk family!


We can’t wait till you see our 23rd #BRUTalk with @george_zuko and Powerslide, a Nairobi punk band! Head to ASAP! ##BRU 🤘🏾🔥❤️

♬ original sound - Black Rockers United

These intersections are important.

Black Rockers United has genre

playlists with our pages: blues,

metal, rock, and now punk!

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