Sound Barrier and Black Death emerged as

the first all-Black hard rock and metal bands

in the 1980's! Thank you!

Black Death arose in 1977: Siki Spacek

(guitarist/vocalist), Phil Bullard

(percussion), Darryl Harris on bass and rhythm

guitarist Greg Hicks.

They're nicknamed "Hell's Headbangers".

This is Sound Barrier from L.A.!

☆#BRU Spotlight ☆

Bernie Kimbell, Tracey Singleton,

Dave Brown and Stanley E. were the first

African-American metal band to be

majorly signed (debut album

Total Control was on MCA Records)!

Sadly, Brown passed away in 2013.

Let's give them a metal headbang for applause.

Tom Morello organized a reunion in 2017 with

SB's remaining members! Check it out!

Right on, Sound Barrier!

Living Colour emerged out of New York

with a distinctly rock/funk-metal

sound that still suits the times.

They're in our Rock section too!

See our ☆ #BRU Spotlight ☆?

Vocalist Corey Glover has our eternal respect.

Will Calhoun holds it down for LC's percussion

with bassist Doug Wimbish.

Vernon Reid is a fantastic guitarist,

plus a co-founder in Black Rock Coalition!

Vivid, Time's Up and Collideøscope are

formative influences for so many Black musicians

who play this style today.

24-7 Spyz fused funk, metal and rap as a 1986

band with P. Fluid, shredder-singer Jimi Hazel,

bassist Rick Skatore,

and drummer Kindu Phibes.

☆ #BRU Spotlight ☆

Metalcore is an organic mixture from

genres within and outside heavy music!

It began to take hold in early 1990.

God Forbid toured with metal's

realest from Candiria and Opeth

to Overkill, Living Colour too!

Reject The Sickness followed successful

tours for the band in 1999.

Airwaves had God Forbid on full blast,

doors further opened as we heard

metal, their potential.

Killswitch Engage, Fishbone, Sevendust,

Living Colour, King's X, God Forbid

and Total Sexual Freedom gave their all.

You can chart Black rockers' glory in metal history.

'Mid-2000's arrived, and metal proliferated!

No longer was it just white people's music

even in public perception. We were here.

Metal has been revitalized through many beautiful subgenres.

Tosin Abasi created Animals as Leaders in 2007:

a magnificent metalcore/djent guitarist alongside

Javier Reyes and percussionist Matt Garstka.

He also owns Abasi Concepts, which is

on N. Kali's Black-owned labels and music

companies, soon!

There's young metalheads

with the brightest futures ahead of them.

Tetrarch (Napalm Records) with Diamond Rowe's

been killing it since 2007 too!

Kim interviewed her in early September!

She's also one of the 40 rock-hers shaking it up!

Metal is Black Rockers United.

We honor these metalheads forever.




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