SATE's Hair-Raising Single "Nobody" Is Out Today!

Music Video Featuring The OBGMs

Today, SATE sends shockwaves with fiery riffs from her new single and music video for 'Nobody' featuring appearances by Toronto-based punk rockers The OBGMS. Watch here and stream here!

'Nobody' is the second single from SATE's upcoming album, The Fool, set for release on November 4th (available for pre-order). Much like the album, 'Nobody' is based on her spiritual connection to Tarot. The single artwork, designed by SATE herself, evokes the card of Strength. The song is about standing in one's own strength, vulnerability and having the courage to always be your true self.

"The saying is, you can’t judge a book by its cover. We all desire to be important, taken seriously, and especially honoured by others for the strength and unique majick that we have to offer to the world.

There have been many times in my life where I have felt passed over, worthless or invisible to certain people. I’m a true believer that no one is above me, nor is anyone below me. I wrote 'Nobody', to remind me of this belief in the times when I faltered.

I wrote this to remind me to meet others with an undefended heart, full of compassion, but also to stand strong in my worth and all I had to offer. Not to get caught up in what others have to say about me or what I may feel that they might perceive of me, but to be my full unique and divinely designed Self," says SATE.

The first single, 'Howler' has already taken the world by storm with over 130K music video views, adds on The Strombo Show, idobi Radio, CBC Music and mentions in the likes of Loudwire, Exclaim! Magazine and more. The single is just a taste of the intense energy the album has to offer. With the album's blistering rock and powerhouse vocals, SATE is impossible to ignore.

Along with the releases of the new single and music video, SATE has also launched her new website that includes new merch items! In addition to the website and the album, SATE is also gearing up to release a self-designed Tarot deck.

"I’ve been collaging since I was a kid and always wanted to have a project that would reflect that. I was working with a few digital/collage artists, sending my sketches and notes of what I wanted to see, but in the end, the last 18 months gave me the time and courage to teach myself how to create digital artwork and share not only my music but my art with the world," adds SATE.

Remember, The Fool is out on November 4th.


About Sate: SATE is a cosmic being. Governing her life through astrology, numerology, tarot, and spiritual connection to her surroundings. Named after the hero of the Tarot deck, The Fool sees the musician pursuing her connection to the Tarot. This card is about beginnings, trust, and stepping off a cliff with ultimate faith in the universe. The album is an anthem for anyone who has dared to dream and work towards their greatest self.