Rob Halford and Militia Vox Front Bad Penny's "PUSH COMES TO SHOVE"

PRESS RELEASE: New York, NY (9/17/21)

Legendary Judas Priest lead singer and "Metal God" Rob Halford took time prior to rehearsals for Bad Penny's upcoming tour to drop the vocals on 'PUSH COMES TO SHOVE', the new single from the rock supergroup Bad Penny, which features former Queen + Paul Rodgers bassist Danny Miranda, Blue Öyster Cult drummer Jules Radino and guitar virtuoso/songwriter Mike Holtzman.

Judas Priest's previous releases feature former Journey lead singer Steve Augeri, and Queensryche vocalist Todd LaTorre. New York-based metal singer Militia Vox, who has been dubbed one of the greatest female rock vocalists of her generation, rounds out a powerhouse duet. This epic new music is a metallic, Arabic-tinged track featuring a syncopated guitar-drum battery.

"This song just grabbed me," Halford said. "It's mysterious, dark, and sexy."

"PUSH COMES TO SHOVE" by Bad Penny (feat. Rob Halford and Militia Vox) will be a new touchstone in the legacy of great rock duets such as 'Close My Eyes Forever' by Ozzy Osbourne and Lita Ford, Temple of the Dog's (Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder) 'Hunger Strike' or 'Leather and Lace' by Don Henley and Stevie Nicks.

Available for pre-order on September 20!


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