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JUNE 2021

Militia Vox Innovates the Visual Album (The Villainess) In Immersive AR/VR/XR (6-22)


##BRU has a 🔥new press release for you out there! Militia Vox’s VR album The Villainess is immersive, unduplicated—coming this fall. Get 🎫 then! 🤘🏾

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MAY 2021

#BRU's 2nd Black Rock-Her Roundtable: Rockin' Your Way, East Coast Rock Scene... (5-07)


##BRU hopes you enjoy Mother’s Day, as we show a final clip from Rock-Her Roundtable ##2 and our article on! ##rock 🤘🏾

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APRIL 2021

For Black Rockers, DMX Was A Gateway Into Heavy Music (4-25)

40 Black Rock-Hers Who Are Shaking It Up!

MARCH 2021

#BRU's 1st Black Rock-Her Roundtable with Kim Gill, Nicole Kali and Four Phenomenal Women...